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Eliana Moreira, born in a small town in Bahia, Brazil, grew up very close to a fun and lively seamstress who happened to be her next-door neighbor. Eliana has always enjoyed playing with fabrics, patterns, textures and trims. That’s how her passion for artistic design flourished.

In the 90s, this passion grew beyond a mere pastime as Eliana entered the world of fashion design by launching CACATUA, her own brand of female and children’s clothing. She designed, along with her partners, signature pieces with colorful fabrics and textured meshes. Later, her boundless curiosity and constant search for innovation led her to study INTERIOR DESIGN.

Eliana had always been interested in architecture and furniture design, so she attended ESPADE (Art and Interior Design School of Sao Paulo) and then returned to Bahia, where she carried out numerous commercial and residential projects. In 2001, Eliana headed to New York to improve her English skills, where she decided to live and study Architecture of New York and Innovate materials at Parsons School of Design.

She travels often to learn about different cultures and look for inspiration in order to provide her clients with functional, comfortable projects that add beauty to life.

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